Thinking about finance and investment might be too complicated for several people. But put money to work for your sake is easier than working alone. If you intend to be a millionaire for example, you need to work twenty four hours a day before you can leisurely enjoy your money. Investment will work alone to earn money while you are doing the hard work and get busy with your life.

Wrong Impression Of Investment And Before You Invest

1. Investment is not gambling

The meaning of gambling is hoping for a benefit in uncertain condition. A true investor will calculate, observe, and complete analysis before, during, and after investment. Though people cannot escape from the risk and financial lost of investment there is a rational expectation to get income from it. People who gambling is like walking with closed eye, while people who invest is like walking with a pair of glasses.

2. Investment is not customer purchase

Consumer purchases – beds, cars, TVs and anything that naturally depreciates with use and time – are not investments ( Investment specializes in finance not others. Bad example is investing an entertainment by buying a LCD TV or investing healthy by buying a massage chair. It simply says that everything cannot be an investment or to be invested.

Hearing the risks of investment might cancel your intention to invest. Depend on your condition and situation; investment should not be taken as the only way to get profit. Rather you invest as an additional income. It is beneficial as your saving when you get old and take retirement. To earn money with less move is how investment working.

3. Determine your true objective.

As it has been said before an investment objective is varied for each person. Somebody can give all of his life to investment because need money to survive. He will observe carefully so that he doesn’t lost money. Another person is a rich and has more time. Here he can take longer time to earn profit and he will not be disturbed severely if sometimes he loses the money and face a bigger investment risk.

4. Consider your time.

To recover from loss and investment risk is not easy especially for older people. Therefore, the calculation should include any change that might happen suddenly. People never want to lose more than they can handle.

5. Knowing your personality.

“Peter Lynch, one of the greatest investors of all time, has said that the ‘key organ for investing is the stomach, not the brain.’ In other words, you need to know how much volatility you can stand to see in your investments” ( The stronger you are to tolerate and fight investment risk the more suitable you are to involve in investment.

You’ll get rich faster through this way, but by knowing the most common investment mistake above before you put your money into it, you will get a higher chance to reach the goal.



Some companies ruin their business because their employee lack of motivation. Focus more on business without considering the employees’ feeling is not good. They are just an ordinary human being, so it is natural to have them like that. Since employees are needed it will be a big trouble for a company. A company can bankrupt because lack of motivation.

Spotting the warning signs of demotivate early and addressing them quickly can help encourage employee contentment and talent retention ( However, what is the cause of employee to be demotivated? Though salary is the common cause that makes employee lack of motivation, is there any cause that we should know?

1. No clear vision and mission.

The problem is some positions in a company don’t bring clear vision of the work. These employees confuse and ask to themselves what their goal is and if there is any meaning to work in those positions. Most employees want to level up their position. With better career vision employee will feel that there is some achievement to be grasped and they will also feel their work make progress in company business.

2. Feeling insecure.

This is about the position in a company. Security include: salary, insurance, and facilities. For a contemporary or part time worker, a business owner should explain the contracts clearly since some employees are fired only because they hope their length contract will be extended. For permanent employees, company should hear what their needs and insecurity.

3. Unrecognized.

Any employee from cleaning service until manager, every work and effort should be appreciated even by only say thank you. Furthermore, a company can give reward or make a celebration for the employee achievement. So, don’t ignore any employee and recognized them as a crucial part of the company.

4. No improvement.

It means the company is in stated condition where people stay the same for a long time. Without more chances to develop themselves the employees will be demotivated. It is important to keep the company in challenging atmosphere. Challenging atmosphere can be created through training course and project competition. These tips allow the employees to learn and become more knowledgeable. At the same time, they are polishing their skill for company sake. Also be sure to ask for evaluation from your team about this program.

5. Bad leader.

A leader should be smart, reliable, and approachable, if the employees feel unsure with the leader ability and hate his personality they will lost motivation. So, a good leader must be able to manage his team well.

6. Internal Conflict

Every conflict related to business (work debate, project, etc) and personal problem (bullying, underestimating, jealous, condescending, etc) should be prevented before it gets bigger and ruin the company performance and daily activities. Certain people will absent from work just because they hate their co-workers or getting hurt by the co-worker.

7. Insane work task.

Every employee has different ability and personality to handle a task and face an obstacle. Never give too much or too difficult work for the employees who cannot bear and finish it well. On the contrary, if the work is too easy and a little bit stupid this also makes the employee lack motivation to work.

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